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NEW -- Memra's orgLEARN is ONLINE!

Become a Memra Certified Workplace Language Master!

Take Memra's first-ever online course, Harnessing the Power of Language to Master Workplace Communication. This course, created in partnership with Aspire Talent Group, is a simple and affordable way to deepen your understanding of language and how it impacts the workplace.

Enroll today as an individual for $99, or as a team for a discounted $49/license. 

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More About orgLEARN

Language-based Training and Linguistic Interventions for Organizational Development

Memra designs workplace specific, linguistic training and interventions that explain how the system of language works in the mind, and across groups in the workplace, and teaches your team how to stop focusing only on the nebulous goal of "better communication", and start improving the system you use to get there: language!

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Language & Management

Optimizing Workplace Communication for People Managers

Included Learning Modules:

  • Reframing Language as a Business-Critical Technology

  • Workplace Identity: Everything you say at work says something about YOU

  • The Secret Linguistic Structure of Meetings

  • The Language of Team Collaboration

  • Difficult Conversations: How to Tell When You’re Having One and What to do Next


"I hired Memra to train some of our writers on linguistic register analysis and phonaesthetics.

Samantha was an excellent presenter, well prepared and provided some really valuable insights that will help improve our copy writing and brand naming services.

The presentation included high level overview of linguistics as well as some meaty detailed research that we can use right away in our services.

I think our clients will be really impressed with some of the knowledge we came away with. I highly recommend Memra Language Services!" 

Candy Phelps, Bizzy Bizzy Creative

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