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Accessible immersion for language learners; Reliable proficiency assessments for language instructors.

Introduction to LinguaZone

What is LinguaZone?

LinguaZone is a simulated language-immersion experience for k-12 English Language Learners (ELL) in Levels 1-4 and Foreign Language Learners (FLL) at the Novice Level. It is designed to take place twice a year so that students focus on their growth over time. Each LinguaZone has a topical theme that closely matches traditional k-12 language curriculum (ie: marketplace, birthday party, airport, etc), so that the immersion experience is relevant and effective across schools and departments. LinguaZone is not curriculum.

LinguaZone is an experiential learning event designed to help WI teachers meet state standards and to provide
all language learners with access to an authentic immersion experience, which enhances both the student’s acquisition of and confidence in using the target language for functional communication, and the teacher’s ability to accurately assess student proficiency levels as they interact with native to near-native speakers.

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