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Memra Language Services is a learning and analytics laboratory that brings sociolinguist research techniques into traditional workplaces to capture and analyze employee language-use.

Linguists who work for Memra use language data to deliver nuanced insights about company culture, employee engagement, manager effectiveness, and team functionality.  These linguistic insights are then used to design company-specific, language-based training. 

Memra transforms organizations and people by harnessing the technology they've always had at their disposal, but have never learned to use: language.  


So what, exactly?

Language Does More

Data Analysis

Sometimes HOW your employees say something can tell you a lot more than WHAT they say. 

Capture these subconscious nuances by analyzing them linguistically. 

Memra takes your language data, performs sociolinguistic analysis by identifying key features, and reports on actionable insights.

Corporate Training

Team training should be engaging, meaningful, and most importantly - actionable.  

Memra trains employees and management teams on how language functions in the brain and out in the world - and how to apply this knowledge in the business context.  Trainings involve LIVE linguistic analysis and practice-able “next steps”

Survey Design

Memra uses sociolinguistic techniques to help companies develop targeted survey questions that will capture language-rich samples and deliver valuable insights.

Tech Solutions

Everyone struggles with communication at work, and different workplaces require different solutions.

That's why Memra partners with different tech companies to bring unique, language-based products and solutions to your workplace.


Training Topics

Memra Language Services' SHRM-certified trainings can function as diversity training, professional development, continuing education, or team building.
Choose from the following seminars, or suggest your own language-related topic, and Memra will create a seminar to meet your specific needs!

Language and Power

How Language Use Interacts with Identity, Gender, and Authority at Work

How and Why Language Changes Over Time

Generational Misunderstandings in the Workplace

Non-Standard Varieties of English in the Workplace

A New Take on Language Professionalism

Why Language is the Best Technology Humans have Ever Invented

...And How You Could be Capitalizing on It

Understanding Child Language Acquisition

Learning to Ride a Bike or Learning to Walk?


Feelings at Work

The Complicated Linguistic Task of Communicating Emotions


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