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Idioms for Inclusivity: Fostering Belonging with Language

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Idioms for Inclusivity: Fostering Belonging with Language

This collection of short, illustrated books - written for ages 7-14, but useful for people of all ages - uses common idioms to introduce key concepts in linguistics and gives them a language-oriented framework to use when discussing issues of inclusion.

Informed by sociolinguistic research, each volume in this set poses probing questions to guide readers through beginner linguistic analysis with suggested answers and discussion prompts.

Designed to be used by a teacher, parent, or leader in collaboration with the student, this enriching series makes linguistic exploration accessible, emphasizing critical thinking tools and analytical strategies inside and outside of a traditional learning environment.

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Use Your Words: Discussing Articulation

In this book, the author challenges readers to investigate articulation as it relates to both language-use and inclusivity. The author does this by (1) explaining the cultural meaning of the idiom, "use your words," (2) introducing Linguistic Relativity, a framework that linguists use to research and understand how thought and language influence one another, and (3) explaining why the expectation to "use your words" could make someone feel excluded.

Do you love idioms?

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